Barang elektrik 3 bulan warranty saja ?


Ani yang banyak berlaku dimana-mana kedai pun di Brunei. Bahkan di Supermarket besar pun ada. Barang elektrik biasanya 1 tahun warranty tapi durang bagi 3 atau 6 bulan warranty saja. Atu sebenarnya satu penipuan.

Do you know that you as a ‘CONSUMER’, your have right to complaint to department of ECONOMIC PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT, under the consumer protection ( FAIR TRADING) order 2011. If you found out that you are ‘CHEATED’. Your can call the JPKE HOTLINE : 2230233 OR EMAIL TO CONSUMERCOMPLAINT@JPKE.GOV.BN OR ADUANPENGGUNA@JPKE.GOV.BN. There will be 20 specific unfair practices that we will post daily. Follow us and be a ‘SMART’ consumer. Share this with your ‘Family’ members and ‘Friends’. Thank you.

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Consumer protection baru sekarang diwujudkan

Sudah sekian lama kitani sebagai pembeli malar kena tipu oleh penjual yang tamak rakus dengan menjual barangan yang kurang elok dan kita sebagai consumer atau customer hanya berputeh mata. Baru sekarang pihak yang berkenaan iaitu Jabatan Perancangan Dan Kemajuan Ekonom membuka mata mengwujudkan satu arahan untuk melindungi pembeli di Brunei. Apa yang diharapkan nanti, bila ada pembeli membuat laporan akan ada tindakan daripada pihak berkenaan untuk melindungi hak pembeli. Janganlah laporan itu hanya menjadi sebagai penambah jumlah kertas dalam fail laporan tanpa tindakan segera.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

THE Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) yesterday announced that His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam has consented to a new order, the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011, intended to protect consumers’ interests and uphold their rights.

Acting JPKE Director-General Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah Hj Ahmad Arifin told the media that the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011 came into effect on January 1, 2012 and added that it was drafted by the JPKE which will be responsible for its implementation.

Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah said the Order was intended to protect consumers’ interests and uphold their rights against any unfair practices by suppliers. It also aims to boost foreign investors’ confidence in Brunei which will contribute to economic growth and diversification, said Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah.

The Order sets out in detail what constitutes unfair practice such as deceiving or misleading consumers or making false claims regarding products and services, and taking advantage of consumers who have no knowledge about the products and services, said Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah.

She said that the Order applies to consumers or suppliers residing or conducting transactions in Brunei.

The Order allows consumers aggrieved by unfair practice to seek recourse to civil remedies before the court, provided that the claim is filed within the prescribed limit and limitation period, said Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah. The Order also provides for a cooling-off period for direct sales, time-share related contracts, she added.

Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah said that where there are reasonable grounds that a supplier has engaged, or is engaging or likely to engage in an unfair practice, the Order allows a specified body to invite the supplier to enter into a voluntary compliance agreement which may include an undertaking by the supplier to compensate the consumer.

Make the legislation known to the public, the JPKE will be organising an outreach programme or roadshow throughout Brunei to explain to the government agencies, the industry, the media and the public the objectives, scopes and necessity of consumer protection,? said Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah.

The outreach programme also aims to facilitate compliance and generate support for the implementation of the legislation, Dr? Hjh May Fa’ezah said.

The added that continuous consumer education and awareness programmes will also be carried out through publications and media, including organising or supporting consumer related activities.
Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah said that the public has been advised to contact the JPKE by calling the JPKE hotline 2230223. The public can also visit the JPKE office during office hours or email their complaints related to unfair trading to

Dr Hjh May Fa’ezah said to facilitate investigation the complaint must provide proof of his/her identity and proof of purchase by producing receipt or any other document.
After the announcement, a presentation on the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011 was delivered by JPKE Economic Officer Muhamad Azim Hj Abdul Hamid.

In his presentation Muhamad Azim, explained the details of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011 and gave more specific examples of unfair practices.


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