Pondan yang meragut masuk jail 4 bulan

Bandar Seri Begawan – A snatch thief was yesterday sentenced to four months’ imprisonment and ordered to make a $400 compensation to his victim after the defendant pleaded guilty to the charge before the Magistrate’s Court in Bandar Seri Begawan yesterday.

DPP Sharon Yeo informed Chief Magistrate Hj Abdullah Soefri PD Hj Abidin that the defendant, Ak Radi bin Pg Julaihe, was in the vicinity of Serumpun Indah corner store in Kg Bengkurong when he snatched a purse from a lady who was about to get into her car at the store’s parking area.

Everything but the money from the purse was later burnt by the defendant.

The defendant informed the court that he was there to ‘stop his vehicle’ and that he tried to call his mother to ask for fuel money.

The reason behind stealing from the lady, he explained, was to buy fuel.

Ak Radi, aged 26, is self-employed, offering services for haircuts and hair straightening.

The court in sentencing the defendant stressed the hardship the defendant had caused to the victim as important documents contained in the stolen purse (such as identity cards, driver’s licence and bank cards) had been burnt by the defendant and thus had to be renewed.

Ak Radi has been given until December 24, 2011 to make the $400 compensation to the victim, failing which he would have to serve another two weeks in jail.

Source: Borneo Buletin, Friday 25 November 2011. Brudirect.

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P/S: Mangsa belum menerima pampasan $400 tersebut.

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