Broadband selaju 150Mbps ?

AL KISAHHHHHH? Pelanggan Broadband ESpeed KONONNYA bakal akan menikmati kelajuan internet sehingga 150Mbps (average download 18.75 MBps) dengan menggunakan talian kabel optic. Tapi seingat-ingatku, pada tahun lepas sudah 2 kali Telbru memberitahu kononnya kabel optik ani sudah siap sedia. Masuk dalam akhbar lagi. Tapi sampai ani belum tah lagi siap-siapnya. Mudah-mudahan dengan bantuan kompeni dari China atu, talian laju kabel optik ini akan siap dengan siap sebenarnya. Siap sebenar atu bermaksud, pelanggan sudah menggunakannya dirumah, bukan hanya cakap siap dalam news tapi masih jua pelanggan lakat pakai talian telefon wayar copper. Broadband di Brunei ani sudah jauh tertinggal dibandingkan negara jiran Asean seperti Singapore dan Thailand, kecuali Malaysia.

Friday, November 5, 2010 ? SLOW Internet speed may soon be a thing of the past for Brunei netizens with the Chinese company hired for the fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project promising to deploy the technology the ?soonest possible? to provide users Internet connectivity at blazingly fast speed.

Huawei confirmed yesterday its involvement in the Brunei Next Generation Broadband Network (BNBN) project for Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) using the FTTH technology.

As an exclusive supplier to Telbru, the Chinese telecommunications network solutions provider will deliver an end-to-end turnkey services package that includes active and passive equipment, optical distribution network designs and construction management.

The company is among the exhibiting participants at the four-day Technology Expo at the International Convention Centre.

Poh Chean Leng, solutions manager of Huawei Technologies (B) Sdn Bhd, said the project is currently a ?work-in-progress? and will take some time to be completed due to its complexity. ?It will involve changing the entire communication infrastructure. However, we hope to see this technology deployed in Brunei the soonest possible, because a lot of people have expressed great interest and anticipation on it.?

He said that the FTTH technology under the project will offer subscribers high bandwidth with a maximum data transfer rate of 150 Mbps (megabits per second) and a more stable and consistent Internet experience.

?In layman?s terms, FTTH technology provides very fast Internet connection, more than 50 times faster than DSL, cable modem and T-1 business connections which we currently use today.

?The fibres will be connected directly to the home, and from the connection, they will deliver not only very fast Internet access, but also telephone, high quality video services such as IPTV, and even security or home automation,? he told The Brunei Times.

?This also means that Internet, phone and television services can be bundled into one convenient bill which can cost less than paying for each service individually,? he added.

He said that FTTH technology with its virtually unlimited bandwidth can go beyond the basics of current Internet technologies to offer truly life-enhancing applications.

?The future of Internet connection in Brunei will be entirely like this. FTTH will transform the way we live, work and play.

?It will create new opportunities in all areas of life, from communication and recreation, to business, education and medicine,? he said.

?In countries like Singapore and Malaysia, they have already done this. They already realised that the next step is to provide fast broadband network, and that FTTH is the new optimum choice for operators. Brunei will soon follow these standards,? he added.

The BNBN project will cover four major areas in Brunei and will be carried out in four phases. The resulting network will serve over 40,000 subscribers.

The BNBN project will be the largest investment of its kind Telbru has ever embarked on.

Rasidi Hj Osman, project director of TelBru, in a previous statement said, ?This is an important strategic project for both TelBru and for Brunei, as it will offer nationwide residential and business subscribers a premium service experience.

?We are confident that Huawei will deliver innovative and high-quality solutions and services quickly.?
The Brunei Times.

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