Biasalah driver bini-bini, sudah melanggar orang inda mengakun

“It was not my car’s fault.”

This was what the female driver of a Toyota Vios that knocked down a toddler at the Serusop commercial area said on Tuesday when she realised that the boy had been trapped underneath her moving car, the victim’s aunt said yesterday.

The lady driver has yet to turn herself in to the authorities and this has upset the victim’s mother, Nur Yahdiyani Kamal.

She said she was relieved though that two-year-old Darnys (pic) had been discharged from the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (Ripas) Hospital yesterday.

Nur Yahdiyani Kamal said that when the accident happened on Tuesday night the driver remained in the car throughout the incident and did not come down to help or accompany them to the hospital to see if the boy was alright.

The driver allegedly drove off after the boy was rescued underneath the car.

Caught in the moment of panic over Darnys’ condition, none of the four family members who were present during the accident could remember the car’s licence plate number. (untuk apa tah video camera mobile atu ? untuk chatting ganya ?).

One of the boy’s aunts who first saw the incident after emerging from a shop could only remember that the car in question was a Toyota Vios.

The driver, who was said to be wearing a tudong (headscarf), did not appear to be aware that the boy was caught underneath her car until she was stopped by other pedestrians, said the aunt who was watching over Darnys that evening.

Darnys, an active and energetic child, escaped from her aunt’s scrutiny that evening.

“It’s hard to keep up with him,” said the aunt. Before they realised he was out of the shop, Darnys was already struck down by the car.

According to the aunt, after the driver realised what had happened to the boy, she said: ‘It was not my car’s fault.”

Covered in blood, the boy was pulled out from underneath the car by a stranger.

Darnys was discharged from Ripas hospital yesterday after being treated for cuts and bruises on his face and back. The boy’s face also showed burn marks from the accident.

Nur Yahdiyani also appealed to the female driver of the alleged hit-and-run accident to turn herself in to the police and to witnesses to step forward to help in police investigations.

When contacted yesterday, the police said that they were still investigating the incident.


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    Sudah melanggar orang, tahan-tahan lagi tu dalam kereta.

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