Barang elektrik 3 bulan warranty saja ?


Ani yang banyak berlaku dimana-mana kedai pun di Brunei. Bahkan di Supermarket besar pun ada. Barang elektrik biasanya 1 tahun warranty tapi durang bagi 3 atau 6 bulan warranty saja. Atu sebenarnya satu penipuan.

Do you know that you as a ‘CONSUMER’, your have right to complaint to department of ECONOMIC PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT, under the consumer protection ( FAIR TRADING) order 2011. If you found out that you are ‘CHEATED’. Your can call the JPKE HOTLINE : 2230233 OR EMAIL TO CONSUMERCOMPLAINT@JPKE.GOV.BN OR ADUANPENGGUNA@JPKE.GOV.BN. There will be 20 specific unfair practices that we will post daily. Follow us and be a ‘SMART’ consumer. Share this with your ‘Family’ members and ‘Friends’. Thank you.

Rujukan: Facebook S.Team Solutions yg mengambil dari fb JPKE.

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